Reliability and Trust are the words that characterize the philosophy of SOUROTI S.A., from 1916 until today. Offering a purely Greek product of high quality, which comes first in the preferences of consumers throughout Greece, with a particularly strong brand name, SOUROTI S.A. is based on a harmonious balance of Quality and Consistency, with the constant aim of meeting the requirements of the modern consumer.

Within a few years, souroti has achieved a leading position in the carbonated water sector with a market share of more than 46%. At the same time, it is growing dynamically in new markets worldwide, such as the Middle East, Australia, Canada, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Cyprus.

Today, the company’s vision is mainly focused on implementing a quality policy in the production sector, consolidating its position in existing markets, as well as entering new markets, with an unrelenting passion to remain at the top of the domestic carbonated natural mineral water market.

With a people-oriented attitude and a genuine interest

The philosophy “Our people are our wealth” clearly reflects the modern face of Souroti S.A.Our most important asset is our people, who for so many years have worked and are working to achieve our corporate goals.  The hard work and skills of the human resources of Souroti S.A. are important factors that have led the company to the top of the domestic market. Today, Souroti S.A. employs a total of 91 employees.

Our constant concern is the empowerment of our workforce, the utilization of their potential, and continuous training on issues related to their area of work competence. Our constant business objective is the development of the competitiveness of souroti waters and this is of course achieved through the experience and commitment of our people in creating quality products, capable of meeting the expectations of the modern consumer.

Corporate Policy

The basic principle and responsibility of SOUROTI S.A. is to ensure the quality and safety of its products, the health and safety of its employees and the protection of the environment.

Product quality and safety is the basic responsibility of the Senior Management and is the result of good cooperation and teamwork of all personnel.

Basic principles and responsibilities of Souroti S.A.

The Senior Management of SOUROTI S.A. is committed to ensure:

Providing consumers with high quality products that meet their expectations and requirements.

The proper environmental management and the sustainability of natural resources.

The maintenance of a healthy and safe working environment, free of risks for employees.

All of the above is achieved by:

By complying with food safety, environmental and occupational health and safety legislation.

By implementing, reviewing and continuously improving a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 and a Food Safety Management System according to ISO 22000.

By identifying the stakeholders and by planning and implementing the actions required to meet their needs, expectations and requirements in the best possible way.

By identifying operational threats - risks and opportunities and by planning and implementing the actions required to address the threats - risks and to take advantage of the opportunities.

By allocating all required resources for human resources, infrastructure, equipment and working environment.

By defining the required organisational structure and jobs.

By determining the required professional competence and qualifications for each job and by filling each job with the appropriate staff.

By continuously identifying the training needs of staff and providing the necessary training.

By ensuring effective internal communication within the company.

By ensuring effective communication with external parties.

By establishing and operating a scientific support team to research, rationally exploit and ensure the sustainability of natural resources.

- By communicating this Corporate Policy to all levels of the company's organisation and to interested external parties.

By establishing quality and food safety objectives.