Springs from within


Since ancient times until today, the carbonated natural mineral water of Souroti has been gushing from the homonymous historical spring, famous for its excellent quality and its healing properties.

The circulation of the water at great depths through rocks of special composition gives souroti its special mineral composition and its distinctive taste.

With about 1,000 mg/L of minerals and trace elements in its composition, it is one of the most enriched natural mineral waters, with extremely high contents of bicarbonate, magnesium, calcium, silicon and lithium, with beneficial effects on the body.

Thus, in the case of souroti, we can say that, once again, ‘nature has provided the solution’.

What is Natural Mineral Water

High quality water with precious minerals and trace elements, from a protected underground source, pure, without any chemical treatment or disinfection, certified safe for consumption

  • NMW is beneficial to health as it contains a distinct composition of minerals, which must remain unchanged from the source to the final consumer and is indicated on the label.  .  
  • The NMW is bottled directly from the source.
  • NMW has a distinctive taste due to the geological composition of the soil and the natural environment.
  • NMW is officially recognised by the competent Community and national authorities. 
  • The production of the NMW meets the highest quality standards under the legislation to ensure its natural origin and purity.

Rodakas, the seal of truth

In 2019, souroti precious water gets its own precious mark, the rodakas, it is a small four-leaf rose with open and rounded leaves at the edges, embodying all the symbolism of the rose historically.

The source’s origin from ancient Anthemusa, the known for its beauty rose field of Northern Greece, gives souroti the rosette, a symbol of beauty, purity, luxury and honor. Rose since ancient times symbolizes beauty and perfection. It is the flower associated more than any other with the expression and manifestation of emotions, love and passion. During Christian times, the rose was used as a symbol of the Virgin Mary and generally as a symbol of purity. During the Middle Ages it was found engraved on precious royal objects and as a symbol of hegemonic houses and symbolizes power and wealth. The four-leaf rose develops into a cross and later into a double cross. In souroti the rose symbolizes among others the four elements of nature.

In every sip of souroti you can feel the power of nature and all its elements, with the intensity and rejuvenation that only a pure natural mineral water can offer you.

Springs from within

One liter of souroti covers about 25% of the daily calcium needs and about 15% of the daily magnesium needs of an adult as it has a content of about 190 mg/L of calcium and 55 mg/L of magnesium.

Souroti has no calories, no added preservatives.

A sip of souroti is a small and miraculous dose of an extremely refreshing natural resource that quenches, refreshes, awakens and hydrates.